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Understanding YOUR skin

Skin may be our largest organ, but like anything, its nuances are individual. What works for one person may not work for you, and the opposite is also true. Don’t let mass marketing convince you otherwise: we are all distinct, and so is our skin. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of what you’re putting on your face- but more importantly, how your skin responds. Did you know that common allergies can manifest topically as well? In fact, Nitasha is allergic to chia- when she eats it she experiences painful bloating and an awful stomach ache. Chia based products have been a recent trend, and to no surprise, result in a raised rash for Nitasha. It’s so important to keep this in mind when selecting products, especially if you experience a serious reaction. Let’s take a look at some common allergens that could be causing you grief, beyond fragrances and dyes.

Essential oils- These can be used to enhance products, but remember, if you’re allergic to it internally, you're likely allergic topically as well. Even natural products can be wrong for your skin, or overused.

Metals- Beware of cobalt, especially if you’re allergic to common metals such as nickel, iron, or lead. Cobalt is most often found in cosmetics- sparkles seem much less “sparkly” now...

Nuts- These are great for us and our skin, so long as we’re not allergic. Always make sure to double check the label! Absolutely everything is fair game in cosmetics- don’t be fooled. This is particularly important if you experience anaphylaxis.

Soy- Soy is most often used in bath products, cleansers, and eye makeup. It’s typically listed as “soybean oil” or “soy acid”.

Linseed- Linseed oil is also called flax oil. It acts as both a skin conditioner, and a cleanser. Look for it among the products in your shower. 

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