The Smell of Spring

The Smell of Spring

For some, spring is the awakening, when signs of life begin to sprout through the gray days. For others, it’s the last big hump before they begin to feel like themselves again. The changing seasons have always been powerful for me, whether positive or negative, showing and teaching me something about life and myself. Spring simultaneously represents the awakening, and the last hurdle before things feel easy again. Taking care of myself during this time begins to feel productive again, and my routines become even more essential as I prepare for the season ahead. Here’s what I do:

Increase exposure to daylight. Longer days are always exciting, but they have a much greater benefit if we are actually exposing our skin to the sun. My favourite practice is having my coffee on the deck, even if it requires being bundled up. Alternatively, commit to going for a short walk. Just 20 minutes of daily sunlight exposure can help boost vitamin D, lower blood pressure, balance our circadian rhythm, and elevate our moods.

Spend time doing seasonal tasks. Spring is the time to throw things out, revamp our gardens, freshen up our exteriors, and daydream about future landscapes. My least favourite task? Cleaning 6 months of winter buildup off the windows, but trust me, nothing feels better in the end. 

Focus on body care. Right before the summer months, I like to really focus on everything I’ve been neglecting for the past winter. It’s time to exfoliate the body, moisturize deeply with the Body Serum, apply a hair mask, and spend a few extra minutes massaging my face. Spring provides a slight energy boost for some, and if you’re one of those people, don’t forget to invest some of that vigor back into yourself.

Pick up the projects (and people) I’ve avoided. During the colder months, I tend to retreat into my shell and spend time brainstorming ideas by myself. Now, it’s time to put those great ideas into action, and actually do the work. And, if you’re feeling up for it, reach out to those connections you’ve been pushing aside and schedule some time together. 

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