Conscious Consumerism

We’ve all heard of conscious consumerism- but how do we put that into action? How do we actually become the conscious consumer? It goes beyond understanding ingredient profiles. At the...

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Spring Clean your Cabinets

It’s time to shed the values placed on you by mass marketing, and redefine your own. Have you ever noticed how the “clean” products sold often aren’t really clean? I...

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Quality Over Quantity

Remember when we said own less, avoid the mess? The same logic works for ingredient profiles. More isn’t necessarily better, and in fact, sometimes it’s worse. The Cure lineup is...

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Meet The Maritime Edit

Meet The Maritime Edit, a media company that focuses on celebrating business leaders and creatives doing the unexpected in Atlantic Canada. Since 2017, an issue has been published quarterly- and...

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Minimalist Beauty

Minimalist beauty: what is it? Well, unlike minimalism itself, it's pretty complex. You can certainly find guidelines if you go looking, but there is no simple definition. Minimalist beauty should...

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Inner Self Love

It’s no secret that February is the month of love- but have you thought about your inner self love? Self love is having a high regard for your own well-being...

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Inspired By Love

Valentine’s Day may have flown past, but love is here to stay. Throughout the month, we’ve been documenting our favourite acts of self love to share them with you as...

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